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Compost Bins

Get a Compost Bin!

Visit the SCRRRA office to get a backyard SoilSaver compost bin for only $45 (cash or check only).

Tough and weather resistant, the SoilSaver compost bin is made of .25-inch-thick structural foam and black, recycled plastic, designed to hold heat inside for successful composting.

The sturdy insulated side panels bolt together. Rust-free, nylon-threaded fasteners hold up well in the outdoor elements. Top latches hold the lid securely in place. Large top opening makes it easier to fill and mix contents. Bottom doors provide access for harvesting the finished compost.

No tools required to assemble. Assembly takes less than 30 minutes. The compost bin is backed by a manufacturer’s 25-year limited warranty to ensure years of dependable use.

Click here to download the SoilSaver guide to composting.

Food Scrap Collection Pail

SCRRRA also sells countertop food scrap collection pails for only $6. The pail makes it easy to collect your organic, compostable kitchen scraps and carry them out to the backyard compost bin.

Encourage family members, coworkers, and friends to compost by having one of these in the home! Keeping food scraps out of the regular waste stream reduces disposal costs, creates a nutrient-rich compost for your garden, and reduces smelly odors in the trash can.

Why compost?

Composting your food scraps at home reduces waste and produces organic matter that returns nutrients to your soil. Plus – it helps eliminate odors in the trash can!

SCRRRA sells SoilSaver backyard composters as a way to encourage recycling in our community and as a solution for household organic waste.

Learn more about composting at home here!

Bin Specifications

SoilSaver Backyard Compost Bin
Size Dimensions: Size – 28″W x 28″D x 32″H
Capacity: 11.4 cubic feet – approximately 85 Gallons
Weight in lbs.: 30 lbs.
Material: 75% post-consumer recycled plastic

Countertop Food Scrap Pail
Volume: 1.9 Gallon
Weight: 1.1 Lbs.
Dimensions: Width 11”, Height 9.5” Depth 8.5”
(Easy fit under sink, cupboard, countertop or corner)
Lid: Hinged, stay open, odor seal, fly and insect seal
Stable with the lid open or closed
Dishwasher safe
Compostable bag liner ready
Material: HDPE, Includes Recycled Content, UV protected.