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General Recycling Questions:

Yes, recycling is the law in Connecticut, for everyone! The Mandatory Recycling Act when into effect in 1991. (CT DEEP)

Everyone in Connecticut is required to recycle the following items: glass food and beverage containers; polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE, #1) plastic containers of three gallons or less; high density polyethylene (HDPE, #2) plastic containers of three gallons or less; metal food and beverage containers; newspapers; corrugated cardboard; boxboard; magazines; leaves; scrap metal; used motor oil; lead-acid batteries; white office paper (households exempt); residential white and colored paper/junk mail; grass clippings and nickel-cadmium batteries.  (CT DEEP)

Can it be recycled?

Plastic grocery bags are made from a thin film plastic that is only recyclable in facilities made especially for that. Please return plastic grocery bags back to the grocery store. Do not put them in your recycle bin! They get tangled in the recycling machinery.

Any member of the SCRRRA community can attend any of our nine annual hazardous household waste collection events. See an updated schedule and a list of accepted items here.

“What Goes Where?” Tool

The most frequently asked question: How do I dispose of this item properly? Should I put it in the recycle bin, throw it in the trash, or bring it to my local transfer station? Use the “What Goes Where?” tool below to search for the best way to dispose of items in your town.