Legislation Tracker Spotlight: SB 191

Are you familiar with Senate Bill 191: An Act Concerning Food Scrap Diversion from the Solid Waste Stream and the Redemption of Out-of-State Beverage Containers? This proposal would make food scrap recycling mandatory in Connecticut.

“Under the proposal, every municipality must establish programs by Jan.1, 2028, that require residents to separate food scraps, food processing residues and organic material from their trash for recycling at authorized composting facilities and other locations.

The bill would also add residentially generated food scraps to the state’s list of “Items Designated for Recycling” and require large waste generators to donate edible food before it becomes compost.

After passing through the Environment Committee last month in a 23 to 11 vote that fell on party lines, the proposal now awaits a vote in the Senate.”

Read more in the full Hartford Courant article: Connecticut sends its trash west. Here’s what lawmakers want you to do instead. (msn.com)

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