Large-Scale Food Waste Compost Demonstration

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In the spring of 2021, SCRRRA launched a large-scale food waste composting demonstration at Stonington’s transfer station. The project evaluated the receipt and composting of food scraps using covered aerated static pile (ASP) technology. SCRRRA composted two batches of feedstock material, with differing mix ratios of food scraps to wood chips.

Video Clip 1: Unloading eight tons of food scraps onto a prepared bed of wood mulch.

Video Clip 2: Covering and mixing the food scraps (“greens”) with mulch (“browns”) – a carbon source.

Video Clip 3: The mixture of greens and browns being laid over the aeration pipe.

Video Clip 4: Equipment associated with composting including a generator, fuel tank, and the aeration blower for the pipe underneath the compost mixture.

Video Clip 5: The finished pile.

Video Clip 6 & Video Clip 7: Remixing (agitating) the compost mix several weeks later accelerates the process and ensures mixture uniformity. Visible steam is indicative of active biological processes – this means it’s working!

Video Clip 8: Hydrating the pile: During the turning of the pile, we add water to bring moisture levels up to an optimal level. 

Wood grinder at the compost demonstration.
Wood grinder at the compost demonstration.
Compost pile monitoring screen.
Compost pile monitoring screen.
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